------------------ NEW Gemini (split) Weights--------------------


The Gemini range of Barebow weights are a range of weights designed to give barebow archers
 a flexibility of weight options not previously available within a barebow weight.

The new weight range can be split to permit variation of weights to be shot or a distribution of


For example a 500g weight can be ordered as 300g and 200g separate weights. Both have 5/16 UNF

threads so can be fitted to the bow as a single weight or two separate weights.

Watch this space for updates






Gemini weight




------------------ NEW 2" dia Delta Weights--------------------

To get around the new Archery GB rules that have been brought into line with WA rules and allow riser and weight to pass through a 12.2cm hoop.



Barebow Delta Weights

(303 Stainless Steel)

New 2" dia Delta Barebow Weights from Bostuff - Perfformance Archery Engineering.

When conventional barebow weights conflict with the limb bolt, the new Delta Weights from Bowstuff provide an elegant and stylish solution.

Designed with a stylish 30 degree rake (chamfer) at the base, it is designed to fully comply with all Archery GB and WA rules.


Made from 303 stainless steel with a subtle brushed finish they are available now in 2" dia. Custom weights can be specified using the 'contacts' page.